Measuring the pulse of Porto

Leme is a platform created by the Municipality of Porto to provide objective information on Porto's economy.

A source of information about the city and its region, with research studies and socio-economic data gathered from trusted sources, aiming to build a global view of Porto based on facts.

Local indicators and statistics

Leme has hundreds of socio-economic indicators about Porto. It serves as a knowledge hub, curating the latest data available across key categories.

By collating and presenting this information in an intuitive and accessible manner, Leme seeks to provide a broad understanding of Porto's economic dynamics that everyone can understand.

Data sources

Leme provides the latest information gathered by the Data and Strategic Studies Office of the Municipality of Porto from various trusted sources, both national and international.

Leme uses the latest data available from the source. Some indicators are initially published with a provisional status, which means that they may be revised as more complete data becomes available.


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